Nail File for Dogs and Cats...Gentle and Safe!

Vendor: Love2Pet
Type: Dog/Cat Grooming Aids

Whisper Quiet Nail Trimmer For Dogs

It’s been a problem forever – how to trim your pet’s nails? Cutting is dangerous, because animals get scared when they see clippers. Plus, cutting the nail could cause serious injury to your pet if you cut to close to the vein that run through each nail. You and your pet will benefit from this painless nail tool. That’s because it doesn’t cut your pet’s nails; it gently grinds them down. In fact, this tool actually emulates the natural grinding of nails that takes place when your pet walks on concrete. It’s lightweight and whisper quiet, so your pet isn’t startled and scared. it’s ergonomically designed to fit in your hand—you get comfort and control as you use it.

This tool is very safe—it does not get hot or get caught in pet’s hair! It has an adjustable protective opening that fits both dog and cat nails. The diamond coated filing head means a long life and will last up to 2 -3 years. Other nail grooming products on the market use a very thin filing paper that needs to be changed often.


Pedicure Nail File:
1) Durable diamond coated iron filing head 
2) Whisper quiet; will not frighten pets 
3) Low Cost: NO replacement papers needed! 
4) Small size: 5” high by 1 1/4” wide 
5) Lightweight; easy to handle 

TV Brand Pet Nail File:
1) Filing head not durable (lasts 2 – 3 years)
2) Loud; many animals run from it!
3) High Cost: must re-order and frequently replace filing papers 
4) Very large and bulky 
5) Heavy; difficult to handle

The sizing accessory can be used to fit your pet’s nail. Once your pet is fitted, then you would apply the protective cover accessory over the end not in use to keep loose hair from gathering in the other end. However, if a animals nail is to big to fit in either fitting, the accessory can be removed and the unit can be used with the file alone.

Batteries need to be changed infrequently. Requires two AA batteries – not included.

Bonus Features:
Pedicure Nail file comes with two filing heads (1 coarse, 1 fine) and a storage bag
at no extra charge!