You will find a large selection of the latest toys and products for agility, fly ball, lure course, dock diving or search & rescue dogs. Please check frequently for new additions. Special requests can be made by contacting us at or calling (831) 233-1540.


SnackPak PRO ~ Ultimate Training Pouch


EzyDog Treat Pouch ~ Train Smarter


Outback Boots For Dogs


Collapsible Bowl ~ 2 Colors


Splash Free Dog Travel Bowl


Energy Edge Shake Mix or Bones


Tuff Pet Mats


Portable Dog Tent


Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket


Kool Coats For Dogs


Solar Shade For Crates & Canopies


Rubit ~ Removable Dog Tag Clip


Mixed Fur Tassel Tug with Treat Pouch and Braided Handle


Cow Udder Bungee Tug


Chilly Mat ~ Cooling Pad For Dogs


Raccoon Reward Pouch


Ring of Fur Tug


Pup-up Shade Oasis