Braided Fur Tug with Squeaky, Megalast or Hol-ee Roller Balls

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This braided tug toy has the added benefit of animal fur sewn into the colorful fleece.  The ball makes it an ideal for tossing and retrieving or tugging.  Handmade in the USA.
Furry Tug with a Medium (regular size) Squeaky Tennis Ball, Megalast Ball or Hol-ee Roller Ball.  See image of Megalast (blue rubber ball/pictured without tug) and Hol-EE Roller Ball (rubber ball with honeycomb design/pictured with tug) .  
For Small Breeds, choose a Mini Tennis Ball, Megalast Ball or Hol-EE Roller Ball.  
Note: Interactive toy only--should never be left unattended with your dog.