Wild Thang! Tug

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Are you having trouble getting your dog to tug?  You might be surprised at your dog's reaction to this tug toy.  We are finding it is hard to resist.  Dogs that are shy or over stimulated at dog events are tugging on the Wild Thang in public!  At 30" long, it is fun to drag or fling around to get your dog's attention at agility or fly ball events. 

While it is a super FLYBALL toy, it can certainly be used for many types of training. A full 16" of this toy is real fur, one side is Buffalo leather and fur (hide) the other side is long wool sheepskin (brown/ivory). Both pieces of hide are sewn to a center strap of nylon webbing to strengthen the toy. Then we added a shock absorbing bungee portion to the handle to soften the tugging action. The handles are 100% nylon webbing which are 1" wide for comfort and good grip.

Dangle it for a small dog and puppy or drag on the ground to see any dog's natural instinct come alive!  This long toy will give your dog a big bite zone that he can't miss.  If you want a hard to resist, really large toy, this is almost certainly the toy for you. 
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