Martingale Soft Collar

Martingale Soft Collar

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The Martingale Soft Collars are extra wide and extra soft to protect your dog's neck. This collar has a basic D-Ring to attach to attach to a standard Snap leash of your choice.

The martingale collar opens wide to easily slip over your dog's hear. The design causes the neck loop to gently tighten around your dog's neck when he/she pulls on the leash. With the right size, the collar will hit the stop clip and not tighten further to prevent chocking the dog. The combination of this gentle tightening and the super soft material provides the maximum in safety and comfort.

The width dimension 1" and 1.5" refers to the nylon webbing that provides the structural strength of the collar. The soft fabric extends a bit beyond the nylon on each side, so that the total width of the 1" martingale is actually about 1.25" and the width of the 1.5" version is actually about 2". These are wide martingale collars, providing maximum comfort for your dog.


Don't forget a matching leash! Choose a Braided Fur or Flat Fur leash or a colorful braided fleece combination to compliment the Martingale Soft Collar.