Knee Brace For People

Knee Brace For People

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Inflammation causes or contributes to knee pain. When you have arthritis of the knee the pain emanates from an inflammation in the surrounding capsule, as the damaged cartilage itself does not have any nerve supply. The only way to regenerate the cartilage is by exercise, which is much more tolerable and achievable once inflammation and pain has been diminished.

The adjustable knee brace is also tubular in design, but incorporates an adjustable strap across the upper portion of the garment. The strap itself is elasticated, and attaches by virtue of a Velcro tab at each end. It can be completely detached from the garment if necessary. The strap can be tightened when exercising, and loosened (or removed) when relaxing or sleeping. As this product can disperse oedema and reduce inflammation, the adjustable strap can be quite beneficial in readjusting the brace as your knee returns to its normal size. 

There is also a steel spring support in each side of this knee brace, designed to keep the brace properly positioned during exercise. Although it may well lend support to the knee, the product is designed purely for pain relief and the reduction of inflammation, and should not be relied upon as a support garment under any circumstances. 


New Knee Brace is shorter and more compact, like the one pictured here.  It is designed for comfort and offers the same therapeutic benefits.  These are meant to be worn while sitting, resting or sleeping and may slip during physical activity.  

Sizing: measure the circumference of the thigh (5 1/2" above center of the knee cap); the material is stretchy and tends to run large.

Small - Thigh 16 1/2"
Medium - Thigh 17 1/2"
Large - Thigh 18 1/2"
XL - Thigh 21 1/2"
XXL - Thigh 23 1/2"
XXXL - Thigh 25 1/2"
Only available in Black 
Care: Hand wash and drip dry is recommended.  Machine washable up to 86° F or 30° C.  Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners.  Air dry ONLY! DO NOT tumble dry.

Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy. The effectiveness of Back on Track’s thermal warmth therapy has been established by medical science.

This knee brace works. I had an ACL replaced and it keeps your knee in place while you recover from surgery and you can wear it anytime you feel like your knee is going to give you problems later in life. Now I have either arthritis or gout in my same knee. I slap it on and the pain goes away and take it off and I'm ready for another 6 months. Better than any pain pill. Thanks for the brace.

Trisha DeRosa
This is an amazing product!! A huge help in my ACL replacement surgery recovery... and very comfortable to ride in!!

Jessica Heidemann
"I just wanted to say Thank you. I am an upper-level Eventer who just had ACL reconstructive surgery. I've been wearing my Back on Track Knee Brace constantly between icings and no one can believe how amazing my knee looks! The swelling and range of motion are way ahead of where everyone thought I'd be."
Sharon Rice
LOVE this brace. Very comfortable to wear. Felt a difference in my knee the first time I used it. I ride horses and was a gymnast so have put a lot of stress on my knees. Had issues with bending down and getting back up. After a few uses was not having anywhere near the concern on getting back up. Gave one to my son for his knee and had to order another for him. Can't say enough about this brace.
deb borra
Same show - Saugerties NEDA
Heard someone raving about the "people" socks and how much less pain they were in after wearing them just two days. Bought a pair of socks out of curiosity and loved them after an hour of putting them on. The swelling in my ankles was totally down for the first time in YEARS. Everyone is getting a pair of "something" for Xmas - including the horses!
Great products that really works!

Jan Chudosky
While at HITS-Saugerties in September 2011, I overheard someone raving about your "People Products". Stopped by the booth there
and picked up one of your knee braces. One word: AMAZING! I have arthritis in both knees, as well as a torn meniscus in one - I wear the brace on the really bad knee while sleeping and the difference is unbelievable in the morning, carries me thru most of the day, and the positive effects are lasting longer with each wearing. I don't want to wear it all the time for fear I'll break the spell! The woman that sold me the brace told me most people that buy one, come back for another - she's right! I want two!!! 
Thank you, BOT!