Barnyard Toss

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This Frisbee, treat toy is made of cowhide, denim and goatskin. It is fun for everyday play and excellent for teaching retrieve, Frisbee games, and "send away" exercises in obedience and agility training.

The Barnyard Toss is made with a semi-circle of denim and a semi-circle of goatskin on one side and a full circle of cowhide on the other. The animal hide components will vary in color and may be white, black or brown.

It opens in the middle with a Velcro connection that reveals a pocket where you can put your dog's favorite treat. The webbing-reinforced edges and strong fabric makes it tear resistant. A hidden piece of safe PVC plastic tubing helps provide rigidity.  The Barnyard Toss is 8" in diameter, light-weight, and very durable. The toy can be washed, although we discourage machine washing any animal hide toy to avoid removing the aroma and flavor.

100% made in America and guaranteed free from any workmanship or material defects.