LickiMat Buddy Boredom Buster

LickiMat Buddy Boredom Buster

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Place several around the house for your pets to discover. LickiMats make crate training, bath time, car trips or anytime a lot of more fun!

For a fun game, spread your pet's favorite soft treat over the surface. Dogs and cats can seek out every morsel with their tongue. The mats allow a medical free way to promote calm behavior in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, such as storms. Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet and releases calming endorphins into the body. Licking also enhances the sense of taste, allowing pets to enjoy just a small amount of food over extended period of time. Increased saliva production from licking can aid digestion.


  • Fill with yogurt, peanut butter, pumpkin, cottage cheese, broth, dog food or mix up a combo!
  • Freeze with liquids, like broth or any of the ingredients above, to make it last longer or a create a refreshing treat on a warm day.
  • Encourage longer feeding times to improve dental/digestive health.
  • Food grade, microwave proof and non slip bottom.
  • Easy to clean with scrub brush or toothbrush.
  • Not a chew toy; please remove and toss if damaged.