2" Wonder Ring with Sheepskin

Vendor: Planet Blue Dog
Type: Unknown Type

The Wonder Ring has a 10" handle made of heavy duty 2" nylon webbing, stuffed with sheepskin. The handle is attached to a 4" Bungee on each side (8" when stretched). The Ring is completed by connecting the Bungees to the opposite ends of a 9" x 3" length of sheepskin. This is folded in half to make a double-thick "bite zone" of 9" x 1.5".

You can also reverse the toy and use the hide as the handle, while the dog grabs the sheepskin stuffed Wonder Bar. The Bungee straps work to cushion the tugging and pulling, reducing the strain on your hand/wrist and reducing the likelihood that the dog might jerk the toy from your hand.

This toy is super versatile and appealing - your dog will love it!