Dirty Dog Door Mat

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  • Protect your floors, furniture and car seats from unwanted hair, dirt and slobber. The Dirty Dog Doormat soaks up mud and dirt, so the mess stays in the mat and doesn’t get carried into the house. This super absorbent mat holds up to seven times its weight in water and mud, and the plush and velvety material is soft on pets’ paws while they’re being their lovable, messy selves. The secret is advanced microfiber technology that traps water, mud and dirt instantly. Millions of soft microfiber strands create an extra-large super-sponge so your floors stay clean and dry. Unlike competing products, the Dirty Dog Doormat uses double basting even stitching that makes it a more durable product that won't come unraveled by use or washing. Also unlike competitors, it has a heavy "gripper" non-skid backing to prevent it from skidding or moving. This easy-to-clean, machine-washable doormat dries five times faster than ordinary door mats. Plus, it's available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose the mat that truly reflects your style!
  • Versatile mat can be used in cars, crates and under food and water bowls. Non-skid backing helps it stay in place.
    • Magically soaks up water, mud and dirt, then holds up to seven times its weight.
    • Made in several colors and styles to match any decor or personality.
    • Plush and velvety material is soft on pets’ paws, so your BFF is always comfortable.
    • Machine washable and dries five times faster than ordinary door mats.


    r mats have a GSM absorption rate of 3000 that is higher than our competitors with a GSM from 900 to 1500
  • The only mats to use the heavy "Gripper Non-Skid" backing on the bottom to prevent skidding and movement
  • Constructed with double basting and even stitching for rugged durability and long lasting use
  • The microfiber strands dry five times faster than ordinary doormats


Large doormat measures 35" x 26"

Medium doormat measures 31" x 20"

Runner measures 60" x 30"

Shammy (one size fits all) measures 13" x 31"