Eco Lucks ~ Made in the USA & 50% Off!

Vendor: Dublin Dog
Type: Dog Collars/Leashes/Harnesses

The newest “green” and sustainable line of collars and leashes from Dublin Dog.  Every collar and leash is made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and made in the U.S.A.  Go green today! 

Each unique design on the collar/leash is printed using water-based ink containing no chemical by products. With normal use, these should retain its bright and beautiful design for several years! 

Eco-Lucks Collars keeps the equivalent of 1.5 bottles out of the landfills with every collar sold. They feature extremely strong hardware with a special coating on the D-ring that is completely waterproof. 

Eco-Lucks Leash keeps the equivalent of 2.5 bottles out of the landfills with every leash sold. They feature extremely strong hardware with a special ergonomic handle for continued comfort.  The leash measures 1" (width) X 5' (length).

The leash features a handy, detachable money/key pouch, perfect for those walks to the coffee shop or corner store. Additionally, there is a triangle d-ring to attach your dog bags, or to serve as a clip to loop your leash back for easy carrying. Lightweight, extremely durable, and multi-functional.

Available Collars: Hong Kong Seas (aqua/flower pattern) Large.

Available Leashes: Pink/Green Stripe 6' Length (with small removable pocket).

Collar Sizing:

Size /Circum. /Band Width
S 10-15" 0.75"
L 15-24" 1.5"

Lifetime Guarantee:

All products come with a lifetime guarantee against defective craftsmanship. Plus, the collars are tested to hold overseven times your dog's weight. Bottom line: unless your best friend is from Krypton, these things aren't breaking.

*Please note: These and all other Dublin Dog collars are not intended for tie-out.