Dog Harness With Removable Seatbelt Loop ~ Several Colors & 50% Off!

Vendor: Doggles
Type: Dog Collars/Leashes/Harnesses
Recycled - Made from recycled plastic water bottles!

It’s a convenient harness and seat belt for dogs. The soft, durable, reflective harness that slides on easily of your dog’s head. Use the car restraint while traveling in a car for your pet’s safety. After arriving at your destination, simply remove the seat belt strap and attach a leash. Your dog can romp free wearing his comfortable harness at the local doggie park, beach or on a hike.

Fully Adjustable Girth
Very Comfortable
Reflective Trim Throughout
Durable Release Buckle
Attractive Metal Bone Slider
Detachable Car Restraint Loop
Easy on Over the Head
Planet Friendly

Great Colors: Blue/Green, Orange/Red, Pink/Grey, Black/Grey or Brown/Tan.

Harness Sizes:
XXS Girth – 11 to 14 inches
XS Girth – 15 to 19 inches
S Girth – 17 to 25 inches
M Girth – 20 to 33 inches
L Girth – 28 to 42 inches