Chilly Mat ~ Cooling Pad For Dogs

Vendor: Other
Type: Dog Bed/Mat

Cool Pad/Bed will give your pets a spot to cool off, during warm temperatures.  It very light weight, fits into crates and is easy to store.  This pad is great to use at home, in kennels and while traveling.  

It is a revolutionary self-cooling pad that requires NO refrigeration water or electricity. The pad is pressure activated and recharges automatically. Featuring a durable vinyl construction, this cooling pad has the power to lower its temperature by 10 degrees and is non-toxic, so your pet will be safe and satisfied in hot weather. 

This canine cooling pad is durable and easy to clean; just wipe away dirt with a damp cloth.

  • Self-cooling cushion that is powered by cutting-edge technology that requires no refrigeration water or electricity
  • Pressure/weight activated and recharges automatically
  • Fast recharge your pad by placing in a refrigerator, a cooler with ice or by spraying with your hose when outside
  • Never freeze!
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Can lower temperature by as much as 10 degrees
  • Fits perfectly into crates and kennels
  • Great for car rides
  • Helps relieve pain, swelling, discomfort or stress
  • Wipes clean for easy maintenance
  • Non toxic; safe for people pets and planet!
  • Important: place a dry towel between folds to prevent mildew and store inside at room temperature

    Available Sizes:

    Medium - 19.7” L x 15.7” W

    Large - 35” L x 23.6” W

    Extra Large - 45" L x 27.5" W --- Great size for multiple dogs to use in a shared space indoors or an x-pen!

    Color: Blue

    Optional: place it in a cooler or refrigerator, for increased cooling on a hot day.


    Use soft cloth and clean with mild soap, wipe clean with water.  Allow to dry completely before storing.  When folded in half, mold may form on the parts of the Cool Pad that touch and/or overlap.  AVOID MOLD from forming by placing a piece of fabric or towel between each of the folds. Store in a cool, dry location.

    If planning to store for an extended period of time, seal the product in the plastic bag (may increase useful life).

    6 month warranty from time of purchase with proper care.