NEW Sheepy Jackpot

Vendor: Genuine Dog Gear
Type: Agility

The Ultimate Jackpot was the ultimate, until the Sheepy Jackpot arrived!  It provides a food pouch made of real sheepskin, providing the maximum stimulation for your dog.  As with the Ultimate Jackpot, this product is a combination treat toy and tug toy. The tug toy part in made with strong braided fleece and has two handles on either side of the food pouch. The food pouch itself is made with short wool sheepskin. The pouch on this treat toy has a Velcro closure and a small pull tab for easy opening.

Size: about 22" long, including handles, and the food pouch is 7" x 3 1/2".

Available in assorted colors - please let us choose. This treat toy is machine washable and very durable. All of our dog toys are 100% made in the USA and guaranteed against any workmanship or material defects.