Suede Collars for Small Dogs ~ 50% Off!

Suede Collars for Small Dogs ~ 50% Off!

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Product Description

The Saratoga Suede Dog Collar features the comfort and softness of rich, nubuck-lined leather in a wide range of bright colors. The nubuck lining makes these collars strong while remaining supple and soft to the touch. Each Saratoga Collar is made with bright nickel hardware to make it not only beautiful, but durable as well.

A word about sizing:

If you are satisfied with the fit of your dog's current collar, measure that collar from the center bar of the buckle to the farthest hole. These collars are sized according to this measurement, not to the over-all length of the collar, which varies by manufacturer and by whether it is a buckle-end or a D-end style collar. If this is your dog's first collar or you need a collar in a different size, measure around the dog's neck with an allowance for 2 fingers to fit between the dog and the collar. The collar shouldn't be so tight that it will cause discomfort or so loose that it slides over the dog’s head.

Available Sizes:

  • 10" x 1/2" wide;fits neck sizes 7"-10". (Only 2 Left)