You will find a large selection of the latest toys and products for agility, fly ball, lure course, dock diving or search & rescue dogs. Please check frequently for new additions. Special requests can be made by contacting us at or calling (831) 233-1540.


Hurtta Agility Trainer's Vest


Hurtta Trainer's Vest


Hurtta Summit Parka ~ 3 Colors


Hurtta Torrent Raincoat ~ 2 Colors


Back on Track Dog Coat ~ FREE SHIPPING


Therapeutic "Mesh" Dog Coat ~ FREE SHIPPING!


Wicked Squeaky Rabbit Chaser


Squeaky Pocket Tug


Raccoon Chaser


Cow Udder Tug with Ball


Flat Rabbit Squeaker Tug


Braided Bungee Sheep Chaser


Buffalo Bungee Fur Ring


Buffalo Tuff Tug ~ Single Bungee or Double Flat Handle


Braided Fur Tug with Squeaky, Megalast or Hol-ee Roller Balls


Rabbit & Sheep Reward Pouches


Riot Stick with Reward Pouch


Furry Pocket Squeakers