Back on Track Therapy

Drug-free pain relief for Dogs and People!  Clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation.  Great for inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints-- move better and play harder.

Back or Knee pain? Why walk around in pain when you can lose the pain!

"I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee a few weeks ago and have been experiencing continued pain. Though the cartilage was repaired, arthritis was found, and is most likely the source of the pain now.Luckily, I was loaned a Back on Track knee brace by a friend and after only a few hours of use, it gave me amazing relief. I have since purchased a knee brace for myself and I have several friends who are interested in back braces and other products."  Leslie Reynolds 

Arthritis in the hand?  The solution - Back on Track gloves - great for arthritic hands and as liners in the cold.  The gloves are one of our most unique products. They have helped many people with pain in their hands (such as rheumatoid arthritis), as well as sufferers of extremely poor circulation in their fingers.

Do you have hip or groin pain, muscle problems or just want to be warm in the cold?  The Solution - Back on Track boxers and long johns.  Male/female boxer shorts and long johns offer relief for groin problems, superficial hip pain, or the cold sensation sometimes associated with bladder or prostate problems. Women have also used them to help relieve period pain.

Check out all of these unique products to warm up your dog and yourself before exercise, reduce the chance of injuries and alleviate pain!