Zogoflex (earth-friendly material) was developed to keep waste out of landfills, chemicals out of soil and water, and toxins out of our products — all while guaranteeing durable and beautiful toys. 

Zogoflex is made to last. After your dog's favorite toy has been thoroughly loved, chewed on, retrieved, carried, buried, dug up, and cuddled, just send it back. Old toys are sanitized, ground up into new, bouncy, bright Zogoflex toys. Nothing diminishes Zogoflex's strength—it can literally be recycled infinitely. The more toys returned, the greener Zogoflex gets. You can help make Zogoflex a zero-waste product when you Join the Loop®. Just mail any used Zogoflex toy with your preferred shipping method to: West Paw 32050 Frontage Road Bozeman, MT 59715