Anne- Lise, You are the greatest! The puppy stuff will work just great. I really appreciate your patience and love your products. Believe me when I say you have not heard the last from me. From now on you are my first choice for collars treats, toys and more. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you. I can't begin to express how much your can do pleasant upbeat attitude has helped me out. I can't wait to get the collrs. I will take photos of my Miss Vivi and email you these to you. Thanks again so much for everything. Believe me I am telling all my dog friends about how great your product line is and how nice you are to work with! Sincerely, 

Teri Rice


OMG! I LOVE EVERYTHING! I love the mats. I love the Packa-A-Bowls. They kept the food INSIDE the bowl and not on my walls or floors! They’re AWESOME! I’m also considering the corduroy breakaways. Those are such pretty colors! The no stink collars are pretty too…

Thank you soooo much for the extra treats and I LOVE the clean up bag! It’s perfect for Miss Juno’s purple collar. I LOVE the suede collar, because it’s so soft and flexible.

The mats are a huge hit my husband too. Loki is already curled up on his brown one.

Thanks Anne!

PS. My new favorite training treat are the salmon paws, but I have to finish up what I have first in stock of “other” training treats, then I’ll order some more of those from you.

Thanks again, your store rocks!

Kind Regards,
Julie Starling

Thank you SO much! I received this order so quickly! I LOVE the collars and the thoughtful goodies that you included. It’s nice to find a company (especially online) that seems to really care and is so thorough and professional! I told my daughter who owns two daschunds about you. Thank you again! —Claudia (Reno, Nevada)

Opal is in heaven in her brand, new organic bumper bed! The minute I plopped it on the floor she nudged me out of the way, climbed in, walked around in circles 10 times to get her positioning just so, and then… plop! She sunk deep into that bed and went straight to sleep. —Debbie, Opie & Dixie (San Francisco, CA)

Desi loves the Leo treat dispenser! We gave it to her that same night and she spent an hour on it. We put kibble in it at first and then the real treats. She also loves the squirrel (Pentapull). We keep it for a very special toy and it is named “Penta”. My trainer showed me a method where I make her work with me 1-2 minutes and then she gets “Penta” as a reward. I’ve really been stepping up my training with her and she loves all the attention and mental stimulation. She was much more quite around the house today and didn’t have to go out to bark at the neighbors every hour like she usually does. This morning, for the very first time ever, she brought me her toy for a tug. Thanks again for your help. It was fun meeting you and I’ll look forward to seeing you again sometime. Also, I’ll try to get a cute picture of Desi with her new Penta or Leo toys." —Lori (Pacific Grove, CA)

I met you at the Pet Expo at the San Mateo Expo Center a few weeks ago and had asked you about what you recommended for a very itchy dog. We talked about how he is so itchy he needs to be put on steroids and that only helps temporarily. You had recommended the Fur Conditioner and I had promised to let you know how it worked. Well, It has been a long time since my dog has been so calm and content. I am so happy that you recommended this product. He is so much better, it really is amazing!!! I plan to continue to use this for as long as I can with him and have already sent for more through the mail. I can not thank you enough. I truly was out of sorts about what to do to help him so this is such a relief, for the both of us. —Leah (Foster City, California)

My dogs LOVED the bully sticks! —April (Southern California)

Palmer gets lots of compliments on his new corduroy collar and leash. I love the soft feel of the leash in my hands! —Judy McCormick (San Jose, California)

When we first got our Border Collie, Juno, she was extremely under socialized. We have been through a lot of obedience training and given her a lot of opportunties to socialize with people and other dogs. However, she continues to be very nervous and skidish in new situations, especially around new people. In fact, she sometimes will growl and retreat into a corner. We were becoming increasingly concerned about her biting someone. I purchased the Quiet Moments Calming Tablets and Spray from Planet Blue Dog. Juno is a new dog after eating these natural tablets. She is very calm, sweet and peaceful. I can truly love this dog again! —Gladys Parada (Carmel Valley, California)