Irresistible toys that are non-toxic and will provide hours of fun—swim for it, tug it or toss it with your pack. A fantastic variety of Eco-friendly toys to make your dog’s day!

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Treat Cylinder with Knotted Streamer


Treat Dispensing Bow Tie


Treat Ball with Fabric Ears




Crunchy Peanut/Wee-nut


Crunchy Stick


NEW Rowdies


Barnyard Squooshie


Squooshie Balls ~ Sheep, Cow & Pig


Hedgehog Squeaky Ball


EZ Squeaky Ball


Zippy Burrows ~ Go Bananas!


Bag O Balls ~ puzzle toy


Hedgehog Den


Dogstar Flyer


Fetch & Glow Ball


Hol-EE Roller


Megalast Ball ~ Fill With Treats!