Sun Protection

Ultimate 50+ Sun Hat, Sun Gloves and Chemical Free Sun Screens are all essential to keeping safe from damaging UV rays, so you can enjoy a lot more time outdoors with our dogs. We have tested all the sunscreen and love it all! Especially the SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen Butter Tinted, because it blends in on your face (for men and women) and does not leave you looking pale. 

All Good Products: What is good for the environment is also good for YOU. The miracle salve and sunscreens free-from nasty chemicals.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients & Chemical Free!
  • Nourishing antioxidants, like rose hip oil and green tea, are in the mineral sunscreens to help repair and support your skin.
  • Regular (chemical) sunscreen does not prevent aging. Only mineral sunscreens create a barrier to reflect and protect against the sun’s damaging UVA rays, which is responsible for wrinkles and other signs of aging and sunburn.