Natural alternatives to conventional drugs that may cause side effects in dogs. Treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Maintain joint flexibility, promote healthy skin/coats and much more!

Formulated and recommended by leading veterinarians. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Energy Edge Shake Mix or Bones


Wild Salmon Oil ~ Cold Pressed & Extra Virgin


Organic Ocean Kelp


ArthriSoothe Gold - Improve Mobility!


All Natural Repellent Dog Coat Spray


Anti-Diarrhea Aid For Dogs & Cats


Herbal Calming Chews


Turkey Hearts ~ Heart Healthy!


Therapeutic "Mesh" Dog Coat ~ FREE SHIPPING!


Back on Track Dog Coat ~ FREE SHIPPING


Dog Crate Liner


Therapeutic Travel Bed


Therapeutic Mini Blanket ~ For People & Dogs!


Back on Track Dog Leg Wrap


Back on Track Dog Hock Wraps


Therapeutic Glove


T-Shirt ~ Use Prior Exercise to Loosen/Warm up Muscles & Prevent Injury


Back Brace For People