New Bungee Extender

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  • Absorbs the shock when dogs pull on toys or leashes!
  • Helps to prevent injury to both you and your dog.
  • It makes playtime or walks more comfortable for you and your dog.
  • Convert a short handled “Pocket” toy to a longer handle with bungee
  • Easy to attach and versatile.
  • Connect it to anything you want.
  • This handle extension provides bungee cushioning to any toy or leash with a loop or hole to connect to.

Directions: push the open handle of the Extender through the loop or hole in the toy, then double the extender back through its own loop. 

Size: 20″ long and the black “connection loop” is 1″ flexible webbing. 

Note: The photos shows the Bungee Extender connected to a Tug, as samples of how it can be used. Those samples are not included with the Extender.