Casual Y Harness

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The sturdy padded Y harness is ideal for everyday walks and activities for all dogs. This harness has an ergonomic design to prevent neck and back strain. The chest circumference can be adjusted to fit your dog. This harness is fast and easy to put on. The neoprene padding is non-chaffing and super comfortable for dogs to wear. Efficient 3M reflectors improve visibility in the dark.


  • Easy to use harness for everyday use and activities
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Visible 3M reflectors
  • Ergonomic Y Design
  • Padding at pressure points for extra comfort
Colors: River (Blue), Lingon (Red) or Heather (Purple)

    Sizing Information:

    Size 14: Chest 12-14"; 30-35cm; Neck 15"
    Size 18: Chest 16-18"; 40-45cm; Neck 16"

    Size 22: Chest 18-22";
    Size 24: Chest 21-24"; 52-60cm; Neck 18"
    Size 28: Chest 24-28"; 60-70cm; Neck 22"
    Size 32: Chest 28-32"; 70-80cm; Neck 24"
    Size 35: Chest 32-35"; 80-90cm; Neck 28"
    Size 39: Chest 32-39"; 80-100cm; Neck 30"
    Size 43: Chest 35-43"; 90-110cm; Neck 33"
    Size 47: Chest 39-47"; 100-120cm; Neck 35"