100% Turkey Hearts ~ Rich in Taurine & Heart Healthy!

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We recommend trying the other flavors: Chicken Hearts, Beef Hearts, Chicken Neck or Bison Tripe--our pets love all of these treats! 

Turkey Hearts are 100% natural freeze-dried and made in the U.S.A. by a fourth generation family-owned business and have been making raw diets for pets for over 10 years. These freeze-dried treats are produced to retain all the nutrients.  Organ meat is much more nutritious than muscle meat and makes an excellent, tasty treat for dogs and cats! 

Sliced Turkey Hearts are hand-sliced and easily breaks into small pieces for training treats or rewards to supplement your dog's diet.  Whole Duck Hearts also can be broken into smaller piece for training or used as a tasty nutritious snack.

Turkey are rich in Taurine.  Studies have shown that Taurine can increase life expectancy in dogs by improving cardiac function to the extent that heart disease can be prevented from occurring, improved or even reversed.

What is Taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid found naturally in the muscles of the body, and most abundantly in the heart tissue. Taurine maintains cell membranes, regulates heartbeat and protects the heart from calcium overload.  So, it stands to reason that a deficiency of these nutrients is likely to result of some form of heart disease.

Size: 4 oz. (Equals 1 lb. of Raw Meat) OR 1 oz. trial size; available in a resealable bag.

Ingredients: Turkey Hearts (Made in the U.S.A.)

Guaranteed Analysis:

•Protein - 81.33%
•Fat - 8.42%
•Fiber - 0.18%
•Moisture - 7.88%