The Definitive Guide for Dog Owners ~ 1/2 Price!

The Definitive Guide for Dog Owners ~ 1/2 Price!

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A famous vet's complete guide to dogs and their behavior.

This handsome book celebrates the close and complex relationship between humans and dogs, and it examines dogs in the contexts of behavior, anthropology, history, literature and genetics. Dog reveals the essential nature of the human-dog relationship and gives insight into how that relationship has changed and what its future holds.

Topics Include:

  • The ancestry of the modern dog
  • Dog breed classifications
  • The modern dog owner
  • The modern dog
  • The development of a dog from puppyhood into old age
  • Living with dogs
  • Feeding, training and caring for a dog
  • Health and welfare
  • Coping with the loss of a beloved pet

Dr. Bruce Fogle provides expert advice and thoughtful essays based on his years of experience as a veterinarian, highlighted with personal anecdotes and more than 600 beautiful color photographs. Illustrated how-to spreads focus on practical topics related to dog care and training.

Beautifully presented, compassionate and full of useful information, Dog can be the book that dog owners will turn to throughout their pets' lives.

Bruce Fogle, DVM, MRCVS, is internationally renowned for his expertise in animal health and behavior. He is the world's leading author of pet care books, which include New Dog.


384 pages, 7" X 10 1/4"
More than 600 color photographs, index and futher info section.