Braided Tugs with Balls

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Braided Tugs are durable and very soft on your hands. A super, durable ball and fleece fringes on the end of the toy helps create more excitement for the dog. The Wacky tug has added fleece on the ball to get your dog's attention. These ball will hold treats too!

Handmade in the USA.

Choose Tug Length:

Short Braided Tug with Ball in the Middle (approx. 18" long)

Long Braided Tug with Ball on the End (approx. 24" long)

Choose Ball Sizes: Mini (2") for Small Dogs, Small (3 1/2") or Medium (5 1/2")

Note: A variety of balls and fleece are used to create these colorful tugs. If you have color preferences, please contact us. The balls are made of a safe, non-toxic plastic. After the tug wears out, remove the fleece and use the ball for retrieving!