Bumi ~ Guaranteed Durable (3 Colors)

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It stretch out to twice it’s length and is the interactive toy that your dog won’t want to put down. Būmi™ is the active dog’s dream come true, charged with energetic fun! Būmi is so much more than a tug toy – pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat! Guaranteed to last, even against those “destructive dogs” we love. Since Būmi™ is 100% recyclable, this dog toy will never need to be thrown away… except during a game of fetch!

Made from extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind proprietary material called Zogoflex®. This versatile toy is bound to give your favorite dog hours of enjoyment. As you stretch Būmi™ it will flex out to twice its length, and then bounce back to its curved “S” shape. We all know that there is no such thing as an “indestructible dog toy," but Būmi is so durable that if your dog can damage it, we will give you a one-time free replacement or refund. Now go make your dog happy… and be sure you have fun too!

Available in two sizes: Small (8") and Large (10").

Colors: Aqua (blue), Tangerine (orange) and Granny Smith (green). Please let us know if you would prefer to wait for a specific color. 

Made in U.S.A.