Bully Straps ~ USA Made

Bully Straps ~ USA Made

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All Natural Bully Straps (tendons) are a healthy, grain-free alternative to unhealthy raw hide. U.S.A. Made with NO preservatives or additives.

Bully straps are made from beef tendons and make a perfect recreational chew offering the benefits of cleaner teeth, stronger gums and help to reduce stress, without more calories.  These do not last as long as a bully stick and most dogs will finish it in minutes, but they do provide a satisfying chew at great value!

Approximate Size/Length: Medium 5-6" or Large" 8-10"

Bakers Dozen: order 12 and get 1 free.

Storage: please store in a breathable paper bag (do not leave these in a plastic bag or glass container) in a cool, dry place.