Back Brace For People

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A Back Brace designed for active people, so you can keep up with your canine athlete!

Lower back problems?  Try it and you will be amazed at the results.  Probably the best back brace on today's market. It gives both support and pain relief effect.  The narrow front designed brace is comfortable when you are bending over in the course of your daily routine or whenever you are seated.

All of the fabric in the back brace, other than the Velcro attachments and vinyl trims, contains the ceramic particles. The removable rectangular pad incorporated into the back of the belt is designed to fill up the curves around the spine, thereby promoting optimum body contact. If the pad is too intense, or if you prefer a slim-line appearance, you can merely remove it.

Color: Black

Sizes:  For sizing, measure around waist.
Small 26" - 32"
Medium 33" - 38"
Large 39" - 44"
XL (wide) 45" - 57"



Margo Maloney, DVM
This back brace has really helped alleviate the back muscle spasms I have had due lower back disk disease and arthritis. Really works!
Back Saver!!!!!! I have had a really bad back for the last two years now. I have been to massage therapy and it never seems to help in the long term. I have had the back brace for 8 months now & out of the 8 months I only wore it for the first couple months as my back was sore all the time. I now will only have to wear it every so often as my back isn't sore all the time. I totally recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I am a rider and sometimes my lower back gets stiff the next day after riding so I put on the back brace and within seconds I can feel the muscles relaxing

Great product. I found this product about 2 years after having back surgery. It is great! Keeps my back loose. On cold, damp days, before using this back brace I would have to take 4-8 Motrin just to get through. Now I do not have take any and I am even able to ride on these days!

Unbelievable relief! 
This back brace went to work the instant I put it on - I could hardly believe how it helped my back pain. I wore it every day for about 2 weeks then just as needed. It is the best product I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone with back pain.