Bison Tendons Large ~ USA Made

Bison Tendons Large ~ USA Made

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American Bison Strip Tendons are a healthy, grain-free alternative to unhealthy raw hide. Tendons are rich in collagen with calcium, manganese, copper and trace minerals.
  • A natural way to supplement hip and joint health, due to the dense concentrations of hyaluronic acid the body uses to manufacture its own glucosamine. 
  • Like a natural floss, the tendons stringy fibers build stronger teeth and gums.
  • Chewing on tendons reduce stress without extra a lot of calories.
  • NO preservatives or additives.
  • Made in the USA

Note: The tendons are hand crafted, so size and shape vary. After all, these are natural animal parts and no two animals are the same. Raw material comes from meat raised and processed in facilities inspected by USDA and FDA. These do not outlast a bully stick and most dogs will finish it in several minutes, but tendons provide a satisfying chew with health benefits at excellent value!

Approximate Size/Length:

Large 8-10" or more

Bakers Dozen: order 12 and get 1 free.

Storage: store in a breathable paper bag (do not leave these in a plastic bag or glass container) in a cool, dry place.