Vendor: Oz Meats
Type: Dog Treats

Bowser’s Best Buffalo Bites is a low low-fat, nutritious treat for dogs that is made with American Bison meat. No preservatives or hormones, and it is naturally high in iron. Dogs crave the smokey taste!


- Moist, Jerky Strips

- Conveniently Vacuum-Packed

- Great Energy Treat for Active Dogs

- Soft, Texture Easily Breaks into Bite-Sized Morsels

- Gluten Free

Ingredients: Bison meat, Fortified Textured Soy Protein,

Water, Milk, Soy Flour & Seasonings.

Available Sizes:

8 oz. pack is only $10.95 or purchase 6 of the 8 oz. packs at $10.00 each and save $5.70 (BEST VALUE).

History of American Bison ~ A truly American animal, the American Bison, commonly called “buffalo”, have roamed the continent of North America for centuries.   In the late 1800’s, buffalo were nearly hunted to extinction, from herds totaling an estimated 30,000,000 to 70,000,000.  Through careful planning and wise stewardship, this magnificent animal has returned in substantial numbers to a strong population topping 350,000 in the USA. For more information about American Bison, see the National Bison Association website.