Braided Fur Humane Slip Leash

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Braided slip leashes for dogs are a great tug leash and a fashion statement! This durable slip leash has soft, colorful, "faux fur" material. It is reinforced with nylon webbing for strength, stretch and durability.  The humane slip collar, easily adjusts to fit any neck size.


  • Great for agility training or everyday use
  • Approved tug toy for AKC competitions
  • Safety Slip Collar keeps your dog from backing out
  • Leash Length: 5' long
  • Soft handle
  • Dirt/drool resistant fabric will not fade in the wash
  • Machine washable
  • Guaranteed against workmanship or material defects
  • Made in the USA!

Available Colors:
Blue Leopard, Purple (purple with black), Cheetah, Red Zebra, Orange Fire or Solid Black