Mini Racer

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Another BIG toy!  This was inspired by a California Search and Rescue Volunteer who was looking for a special toy to train his dog.  It is big enough for a large dog, long enough to run and drag behind you, and has two very enticing furry bite zones.  Smaller dogs find it irresistible too.

The action on this toy is fantastic, because the sheepskin pieces are separated and are different sizes and weights.  It rates a 10+ on the Attract-O-Meter for dogs. This toy is just about 6' long (from end to end) and features colorful microfiber fur over webbing interior for extra strength.  There are two types of fur on the bottom of the toy, real sheepskin, and long wool real sheepskin. The smaller bite zone is the regular length wool and the larger piece at the very bottom is the long wool. This toy has been very well received, it's certainly one of the big winners for this year.

Choose from: Mini Racer (approximately 30" long)

Colors and patterns vary.  Please let us choose for your dog.