Husky Leash ~ Super Strong & Many Colors!

Husky Leash ~ Super Strong & Many Colors!

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The leash has a 1" nylon webbing making it much heavier and thicker, than other leashes. This is one heavy duty leash; you could walk a Clydesdale horse with it!

The handle of the Husky leash is seamlessly spliced into the body, where the other braided leashes have the handle loop sewn in place. There's no risk of the splice pulling apart, because it extends the full length of the leash, providing a double thickness that creates the "Husky" weight.

Braided for shock absorption and a pleasant bite this Husky leash is reinforced with heavy duty, 1" nylon webbing for strength and durability. 5' long and AKC legal for competition (no attachments or tassels). This leash is easy on your hands and shoulders, because it absorbs shock so well.

Machine washable and very durable. Made in the USA and guaranteed against any workmanship or material defects.