Octo-Knotties For Chewers & Tuggers

Octo-Knotties For Chewers & Tuggers

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The Octo-Knotties with Tuffut Technology

It has great plush corduroy but go one step further! Instead of 5 squeakers, our new Octo-Knotties feature 9 squeakers! There is one loud bellow squeaker in the body and 8 mini squeakers in each leg. Of course, each leg also features our famous knot, giving the dog a little something extra to pick up, play with and gnaw on. Each toy is lined with Tuffut Technology®. 

Measurements: Toys are 11" long including legs, head is 5.5" tall x 7" wide.
Tuffut Technology:
  • 3-step, patent-pending process delivers pet industry’s strongest soft toy 
  • Extra protection while retaining light weight and play appeal 
  • Tested to withstand over 100 pounds of tugging and pulling 
  • No external seams that aggressive chewers can open easily

    Available Colors: Lime