Clicker ~ Hands Free

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EzyDog Command Clicker is a unique tool for training dogs - A dog clicker that fits on your finger.


  • Hands free design
  • Perfect if you are clicker training two dogs simultaneously
  • Silicone clasp for universal fit
  • Adjustable wrist lanyard

A Clicker for Training Dogs with its unique hands-free ergonomic design, the Command Clicker is an effective dog training tool to reward positive K9 behavior through repetition.

Fits All Hand Sizes
Universal Fit with a silicone clasp that expands or contracts to all finger sizes.

How to Use a Dog Clicker
The click provides an 'event marker', connecting positive behavior with a reward. This clear form of communication, combined with positive reinforcement, is an effective way to train your K9 in a safe and humane manner.

Color: Black or red; color availability fluctuates, so please let us choose for you.