Peanut Butter IncrediBubbles

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IcrediBubbles are not your ordinary bubbles. Safe and fun for both dogs and kids, you can catch them, stack them, and watch them roll around on the ground as your dog chases and plays with the bubbles. Infused with peanut butter flavoring, these tasty bubbles are designed to dry in the air, so that they remain un-popped when they land on the ground. Bubbles will gives you a new, interesting way to spend some time outdoors with your dog. Great for puppies, herding breeds and dogs that love to play chase.

For the best results, use your hands to wave the bubbles in the air for a moment. The longer they are in the air, the lighter and more durable they become. Features:

  • Infused with peanut butter flavoring
  • Safe for both pets and kids
  • Long-lasting & Non-Toxic
  • Capacity: 25 ML
  • Recommended for outdoor use.
Pro Tips to Teach Your Dog to Chase Bubbles:
  1. Start by blowing one or two bubbles at a time.
  2. If your dog doesn't show interest in the bubbles try pointing to them.
  3. Encourage your dog to “catch” the bubbles while they're floating around.
  4. If your dog still isn't interested, catch the bubbles yourself.