Shindon Tendon ~ USA Chew

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The Shindon tendon is a bit thicker than any other tendons. These are rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and elastin, which are nutrients that may have health benefits for joints, skin, and hair. Dogs love the flavor of this healthy, low fat chew!

This tendon comes from under the Shin bone and breaks down a little different than most tendons, as it flattens out after some time of chewing. This helps to prevent dogs from swallowing it whole. Dogs are forced to take little strips off in order to eat it. With all the meat and membrane surrounding the actual tendon, dogs stay busy and engaged with this natural chew.

IMPORTANT: During the drying process, some tendons dry flat and others curl up. This is a natural product and the sizes and shapes vary. The Regular Shindon measures approximately 5-8” and the weight varies