Dog Whistles

Dog Whistles

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This lightweight, compact whistles are ideal for dog training, both indoors and out.

Choose from the Silent Whistle for sensitive dogs or the Multi Purpose Whistle.

Silent Whistle:

It is also possible to alter the pitch of the whistle by using the adjustment screw. Silent whistles are particularly suited for training noise-sensitive breeds, such as Border Collies. It should be noted that this whistle is just audible to the human ear, essential for gauging its efficiency.

  • Improves recall a clear signal for your dog to return
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Loud clear a tone
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Great for noise-sensitive breeds

Multi-Purpose Whistle:

A good all-round whistle both for the pet dog owner and professional trainer. Made from tough steel, yet still a lightweight design which provides a clear, strong sound.

• Lightweight design
• Strong, clear whistle