Tug N Treat Medium

Vendor: Genuine Dog Gear
Type: Agility
Is your dog food motivated?  Just put some of your dog's favorite treats in the pouch, and you're good to go!  It creates a positive association with tugging in your dog's mind, so it's great for any kind of agility or flyball training.  
This tug toy is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing to withstand even the strongest tuggers. The food pouch has a Velcro closure and measures 3.5" x 7" with a 1" by 7" soft webbing handle.
It is a great toy for training outdoors.  You can easily bush off dirt and stickers.  Plus, it is machine washable and rip/tear resistant.
Made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed free of any workmanship or material defective.