Two Tone Whistle for Training Different Commands

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Lightweight, traditional whistle is the perfect training accessory for dog trainers and dog enthusiasts.


  • Offers two clear, distinct tones to choose between.
  • Multi-functional for all of your dog training needs.
  • Ideal for owners/trainers with two dogs or when multiple commands are used for on dog.
  • Comfortable lip-grip and light weight lanyard, so your whistle is always available.
  • Durable molded plastic whistle and it is washable.

Suggestions: First give your whistle signal for sit, such as single long blast, then say the word "Sit". When the dog sits reward it with a treat or praise. As the dog learns the whistle command, leave a longer gap between the whistle and the spoken command. Eventually, you can stop using the verbal command altogether. Explore the internet to discover other ways to use a whistle, while training your dog.